AAA Taxi Cabs

a taxi van with a disability sign on the back

Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicle

Experience the freedom of mobility with our wheelchair-accessible vehicle services in Port St. Lucie, FL. Our fleet, including specially modified minivan vehicles, is designed to meet the needs of individuals with mobility challenges. Each vehicle is modified to allow individuals who use wheelchairs to enter and exit easily, featuring lowered floors and ramps or lifts. The interiors are meticulously customized to secure the wheelchair during transit, ensuring safety and comfort.


Our clean and modern vehicles are not just about accessibility. They are about providing a comfortable and secure travel experience. From local and residential pickups to doctor pickup services, our drivers are trained and experienced in assisting passengers with special needs, ensuring every journey is smooth and dignified.

caregiver pusing old mans wheelchair into a taxi

At AAA Taxi Cabs, we are committed to accommodating all passengers. Our seamless booking process guarantees that your transportation needs are met promptly and efficiently, making every trip a pleasant experience. Trust AAA Taxi Cabs for reliable, safe, and accessible transport solutions tailored to enhance your mobility and independence.